Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year

I have started blogging this year and am finding it a daunting adventure. I am a mystery/suspense writer, so I’m generally lost in a world of my own creation. Even when I am not in my imaginary world, I tend to be quiet, more comfortable observing than participating.

The Lord gives me profound insights but not on a daily basis. Maybe He gives me more insights than I realize, and I just need to be more open to His leading. So my quest is to pay more attention to what He is trying to show me.
I have joined a few writers’ groups this year and have met some great people who I hope will become great friends.

I am going to my first Writer Conference in March. I am so excited at the prospect of meeting people in the literary profession. I am sure that the Lord will connect me with some great people.

I’m going to concentrate on my writing more this year, not quite a “New Year’s Resolution”, (I believe those to be a recipe for failure.) but a goal. We all need goals in our lives to strive toward weather we succeed or not, it’s the journey that counts. Along the road is where God can mold us and direct our paths, if we are not moving how can He direct our path?

And so my new adventure begins. I know from past experience that the following His leading is always and adventure; sometimes scary, sometimes fun, sometimes full of discovery and wonder, sometimes solemn and reflective, but ALWAYS an adventure. So here’s to 2012 let the adventure begin!

What adventure are you participating in this year?


  1. Blessings on your new adventure, Sandy! :)

  2. Thank you Jessica. I'm looking forward to new friends.