The Package

A successful hired killer is bored.  He decides to turn his next hit into an elaborate game targeting 11 people and leading local detectives on a wild goose chase. 
When one of his targets narrowly escapes, he’s faced with something he’s not accustomed to, his own failure.  The voice tells him it’s time to cut and run but his ego won’t let him leave until the game is finished.
The suspense mounts as the killer becomes more unstable and the detectives get closer. It all comes to a head in a building rigged to explode, and only the fiery conclusion will reveal who lives and who dies.

Gone Missing

The quaint little town of Jasper seems the perfect place for Ana Holms to finish her novel. When a young mother goes missing, Ana’s offer to help with the children turns out to be more than she bargained for. She quickly finds herself embroiled in a dangerous investigation that will crack the facade of this sleepy little town and reveal a sinister web of deceit and betrayal.