Monday, February 27, 2012

The Votes Are In

Here’s the tally

#2 wins with 8 votes
#3 fell behind with only 4 votes.

Thank you everyone for participating.

I’ll let you know how the Conference went.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vote for your favorite

Hey friends I need some help. I need a 'pitch' for my new book Gone Missing. Here are four options pick which one you would buy.

1.) A picturesque little town at the base of the mountains seems so perfect.
When a young mother mysteriously goes missing, the pursuit of the truth will crack Its carefully constructed fa├žade and reveal what lies beneath; a sinister web of deceit and betrayal that will rock the sleepy little town to its very foundation.

2.) The quaint little town of Jasper seems the perfect place for Ana Holms to finish her novel. When a young mother goes missing, Ana’s offer to help with the children turns out to be more than she bargained for. She quickly finds herself embroiled in a dangerous investigation that will crack the facade of this sleepy little town and reveal a sinister web of deceit and betrayal.

3.) The quaint little town of Jasper seems the perfect place for Ana Holms to finish her novel. When Devin Rylan is called home to help find his missing sister, the two of them soon find themselves tangled in a dangerous web of drugs and corruption and the only way out may cost them everything.

4.) Ana Holms and Devin Rylan are looking for his missing sister, but what they uncover is far more dangerous than either could have expected. The ensuing investigation will reveal far more that the whereabouts of the woman.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The other day it was dreary outside, not uncommon for this time of year. It must have been 100% humidity, it wasn’t actually raining, but the air was so saturated with moisture that when you passed through it you got wet.

It got me thinking; wouldn’t it be great if our lives were like that? If God’s presence so permeated our lives that whoever passed though them; whether by our words or our presence, that they would be covered with the love of Christ? How much more would our written words do, if we were so filled with God that it poured out with our words? How many hurts could be healed, bruised eased and souls filled with joy and laughter?

So often we get busy and put-off our quiet time with God. We use the excuses of the world: we have too much to do. People are counting on us. We have a deadline to meet. We can’t get up early to spend time with God because we need our sleep. We are too tired, have too many responsibilities.
As writers I believe it is even more important to spend time with God. When we write we are pouring out what is inside of us. It needs to be re-filled. I have to intentionally re-fill my soul with God and not the world, so that when someone passes through my world they will get some Jesus all over them.

What part of your life do you need to fill with God?